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A high-performance bleaching powder and next generation peroxides – these are the secrets behind the Bondi Bleach System. Bondi Bleach System is mixed as usual and turns into a white, creamy mousse – delivers enviable blonde tones while also making hair healthy and shiny! 

The intelligent Anti Damage Technology with maleic acid penetrates into the hair and bonds with the its keratin structure. This way, the hair is reliably strengthened and protected during the bleaching process. Even after multiple applications of Bondi Bleach (in the test, it was used three times consecutively), the bleached hair is 78% stronger than after previous bleaching sessions!

Lighten up without stressing out

Risk Free Bombshell Blondes


Bondi Bleach System – The innovative bleach mousse

» Multiple bleaching processes in one day
» Maximum lightening – up to seven shades
» Ensures maximum protection
» Ensures very precise application – no swelling, no drying out
» Neutral white-colored product for a realistic evaluation of the final color
» All blonde trends can be achieved on both natural and chemically treated hair

The benefits of the latest generation of peroxides

» Silky consistency for reliable mixing
» Perfect creamy consistency
» A scalp-soothing formula enriched with argan oil
» Enriched with hair-strengthening ingredients (such as keratin and vitamins) for optimum hair strengthening
» High-quality oil and vitamin complex to protect the scalp during the bleaching process