Experience – bondi bleach

In contrast to my blonde sister I have thin, mousy brown hair. And as the younger sibling, you always want to imitate the cooler, chicer, big sister. In fact I really wanted to become a blonde bombshell. After a long talk of persuasion, I was able to convince my parents that going to the hairdresser to become blonde would really turn my world around.

When the blonde dream becomes a nightmare

After making my appointment, I was convinced all of my Marilyn Monroe dream would come true. The stylist suggest I do a few highlights instead of an all-over lift. She wanted to gradually lighten me up so that I could get used to the lighter color and to do the least amount of damage to my natural locks - or so she said.  Unfortunately, my dream of beautiful blonde hair looked more like  a skunk - Too bright, too wide, just not what I wanted; and nothing like my big sister's natural blonde! You can imagine how miserable this little sister was feeling.

Blonde – the second try

Well, I decided not to give up on my bombshell blonde goal. There has to be a way..right?  I chose a local Newsha hair salon and was very excited about a new and beautiful look!

The right advice

The stylist suggested try a golden blonde due to my warm skin tone. We settled on a nice light caramel blonde, and to get there, we were going to use the Bondi Bleach System –  the latest technology and hair protection for a bleaching process. After the application of the bleaching mousse my head looked like an advertisement for hair masks and compared to my first bleaching experience, it did not itch or smell bad.


After the exposure, washing out, blow drying and styling – I could hardly wait to see the end result. My hair was glossy and looked totally great. Nothing was dull, frizzy, or damaged. Even after the use of hair dryer and curling iron my hair was still shining and beautiful. The color was exactly as I imagined. Nice and warm, as creamy as melted caramel. I could not believe that a bleaching result like that would be possible. Finally, I am so glad and feel self-confident as a blonde beauty. I took the Flawless Repair Treatment from NEWSHA to care my hair at home. When I tried it for the first time, it was so great that I went back and got some shampoo and conditioner. Of course, quality is more expensive than normal haircare products from the drugstore, but it makes such a difference and really improves the health of my hair. In any case, a big YES to Newsha and of course to this great Bondi Bleach.