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Experience – Rescue System

I can say with confidence that I carry my personal enemy on my head - my lifeless hair! 

Wish list: smooth and shiny hair instead of a dry and dull look

If you're like me, you know what its like hopping form one hair color trend to the next, without giving my hair a break. My hair had become dry, lifeless, and brittle. I was almost ready to simply cut off the dry shag! After internet research and website hopping, I decided to give Newsha a chance. After all, the treatment promises short application and manageable costs for the popular Rescue System. The innovative technology ensures the reconstruction of amino acids and protein chains in the hair. Thanks to the store locator on the website, I found the right hairdresser and quickly made an appointment! 

How I was rescued with the NEWSHA Rescue System

The whole application, wash-out, and styling took less than an hour and after that I barely dared to open my eyes and see the result. No joke – I was very impressed! My hair had a nice natural shine and the dry, sad straws were gone. Not the frizzy mop I was used to, but  smooth sleek strands! In order to maintain or improve the results, I was recommended to return regularly for in-salon followup treatments. For home-care, I bought some Newsha products.


Meanwhile, a few weeks have passed and my hair is still totally different than before. I also follow the advice of my stylist and use the recommended Newsha products. My favorite is the Leave-In Conditioner, which makes the hair smooth and easy to comb. For extra shine I use a small amount of the Deep Repolishing Cream!  Thumbs up for the whole Newsha haircare!