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RESCUE SYSTEM 2.0 – root to tip hair repair

The further developments made to our Rescue System will set any hairdresser’s pulse racing. Thanks to the intensified active ingredient formula, stressed and damaged hair can now be repaired with a deep-acting hair treatment in a shorter time period. Regular heat stylings and chemical treatments weaken the hair. As a result, the hair becomes porous, lifeless and stubborn. The Rescue System swiftly halts hair breakage repairs damaged hair and permanently seals its nourishing substances into the hair.

does your hair need rescuing?

say goodbye to damaged hair


Hair is barely recognizable after just a few application steps at the salon:

Step 1:

The Rescue Fluid is sprayed onto the hair and carefully worked in using a brush (Newsha Bye bye Tangle Brush). The intensified formula with innovative nanotechnology enables the product to swiftly deliver deep-acting hair repair treatment. The amino acids and protein chains contained in the hair fibres are repositioned, thus putting an end to porous hair and revitalizing it.

Step 2:

In this next step, the Rescue Treatment is applied to the already prepared hair, providing the repaired hair with moisture, as well as with highly effective nourishing ingredients, which are permanently sealed into the hair. The treatment is left in for at least five minutes. The product has been designed with a consistency that allows it to easily pass through the sealed layer of the cuticle. The hair is then rinsed thoroughly.

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