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a cutting edge system for smooth and silky shiny hair

Our popular Newsha Straightening System now has an updated formula! We’re constantly working with our chemists to make the Triple.S Straightening system better.  Since no head of hair is alike, we have created three different Straightening Systems that are tailor-made for different types of hair: Wavy Curly, Extremely Curly, and Blondes.


Triple.S Wavy & Curly


Our Triple.S Wavy Curly is specially designed for wavy and curly hair to softly smooth the hair structure. The Liquid Wavy & Curly straightens and tames the hair without losing its volume.

Triple.S Extreme Curly


Move over untamed, frizzy hair and welcome healthy, smooth and shiny hair! The Triple.S EXTREME CURLY Liquid has increased level of straightening, especially for very frizzy and extremely curly hair. The perfect solution for a simplified daily hair routine.

Triple.S Blonde


You’ve got frizzy blonde curls but actually desire beautiful, shiny and straight hair? No problem at all with the Triple.S Blonde, which was developed specifically for blonde hair. Due to a unique combination of ingredients, the liquid not only straightens the hair but also optimizes its color. Clever and smart!



Wash, blow-dry – done!

The Straightening System 2.0 works with high-quality, smoothing and regenerating ingredients. An innovative amino acid complex is used to build up new sulfur bonds in the hair. These are activated as soon as the hair is blown dry and de tangles with your fingers after washing it. The incredible result: a smooth hair structure that looks just like natural straight hair. No loss of volume and guaranteed beautiful hair movement.

Easy styling: From straight hair to wild curls – anything is possible after the Straightening System 2.0

The highlight of our Straightening System remains even with the advanced Straightening System 2.0: what about curls or waves for a night out? Just let the hair air-dry and there they are again, your natural waves. After the next wash, simply blow-dry hair again to get the straight look back. Minimum effort without hair straightener.

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