Experience – Triple.S

I have hated my frizzy, curly hair since puberty, and have always dreamt of a sleek and smooth look. But how was I to change the bad condition of my hair without cutting it all off  using my flat iron every day?

The desire for permanently straight hair

If I let my hair air-dry, it looks like a toilet brush after a few hours. But I am really too lazy and untalented to straighten it every day with the iron or use the blow dryer for hours while using a big round brush. I searched high and low for an alternative. Finally, a friend suggested I come with her to see her stylist. She told me, that they would probably have something very helpful for me – a permanent hair straightening innovation by Newsha private haircare.

Go straight with NEWSHA

Before visiting this new hair salon I felt quite nervous, because I often used to cry in the shower after a hairdresser's visit ... Well, I promised my girlfriend to at least listen to the stylits's advice. It was a beautiful and modern hair salon. The experts really knew what they were talking about and encouraged me. I was quite curious about the treatment and quickly decided to try this!

Good things will take a while

After a longer period of application of different liquids, exposure time, wash-out phase and styling, I felt so happy and released. My face was framed by a soft curtain of shiny straight hair. My hair never felt so smooth and healthy. The whole application was not that cheap due to my hair length and density, but I will definitely do it again! The result should stay for up to six months! My dream finally came true!

Straightening System 2.0 - The result

Now my hair is so easy to work with: After shampooing, I spray the magical Leave-In Conditioner onto my hair (probably the best leave-in I have ever used). Then I blow-dry my hair from the root to the tips. When its dry, the hair structure is shiny and smooth, but the natural volume is completely preserved. My hair doesn't feel thin or heavy. What a relief for my everyday life and styling routine. Bad hair days? What’s that! :)


For those who feel like I did before – the Straightening System 2.0 is the perfect solution. The application is only available at hairdressers who are official NEWSHA partners. Of course, the application is not cheap, but considering how much time you save on styling and that the effect lasts up to 6 months depending on the individual hair structure, the price is fully justified. My friend went for the Straightening System 2.0 too, not because she has frizzy hair, but because her hair tends to frizz (especially when humid). I also did not know that this application can also be an option for frizzy and dull hair. So the Triple.S System is a savior for all hair types!